“What I would like to see is a bit of old-fashioned honesty.”

There he was, Piers Morgan, combating questions from the coveted and controversial Oxford Union, and in particular, sharing his views on the recent UK national elections. Ironically, it was his own old-fashioned honesty which I appreciated the most as he spoke. I left wondering when (if ever) #honestyisthebestpolicy might actually be used as a campaign line. 

There’s no way of stopping “Dumb Ways to Die” from getting into your head and keeping itself there for the day – as evidenced by this stompie picked up by my friend, Matt Morley, on a train trip in the UK. Also evidence of the ad wonderfully meeting its purpose –  to reach and teach children about railway safety.

Thanks for not being ashamed of your creepy-stalker habits and sharing this with me, Matt.

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