“Don’t believe everything you see in the movies.” 

He was clearly a teacher, addressing a large group of students seated on the floor of the museum. The topic: dinosaurs. The reference: Jurassic Park, of course. Turns out velociraptors (the ones that chased the kids in the kitchen scene) were in fact only the size of turkeys in real life. 

“Hello everyone!”

*Disclaimer: This is not a stompie. I am actually saying hello to everyone as an instruction to read this notification-natured post.

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet of late. That’s because work is now a reality and none of us are super heroes (unfortunately).

Nonetheless, I have no intentions of disappearing (although that would be a great super-power). My stompie-picking habits are ripe as ever and I feel it would be a disservice to discontinue something that I (and apparently a lot of you) have enjoyed so much.

I just want to inform you that posts from now on will be a lot shorter and stompie-focused. This is not because I don’t have anything more to say – I generally always do. It is partially because I no longer need to show Ogilvy & Mather who I am (I hope) and partially because most people won’t have even read this far in the blog post. We’re all busy people and so I don’t blame them/you, I would just like to make my contribution to the Interweb more easily digestible and interesting to the world at large.

Perhaps, every now and again, I’ll surprise you with more of the story.

Oh, and also…a picture that sums up my above thinking/current goal in life and will appeal to those who haven’t read this, but like pictures:

labour less