“You know what, you must just treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Wise words from a wise guy.

Gosh (yes, that’s his name) is the coffee barista at Flat Mountain Roasters and he’s been nominated by Cosmopolitan South Africa as one of South Africa’s Hottest Baristas. As you can tell from his words, he’s as great on the inside as he is outside. Do us a favour and head over here and vote for him by typing in “Gosh” under the candidate section. All votes appreciated.

“Aweh this lady, she’s always laughing. Every morning the same.”

As Busi walked passed my desk, she spoke with the wisdom of someone who knows this place. She was referring to the almost-every-morning-coffee-dates that happen between the ladies from downstairs. I don’t know them just yet, but the now noticeable sound of their laughter compels me to join in.