“Those rooms were so small you couldn’t even change your mind in them, let alone your clothes.”

He was a little man named Noor and the tour guide at District Six Museum. We arrived early on a Sunday morning, only to find that our tour hadn’t actually been booked. Graciously, he still took the time to talk to us. A man with many memories, you could see the impact of Apartheid in his eyes. His grandfather had thirty children and four wives, all born from the same house on what was then Caledon Road in District Six. Despite owning twenty-nine other houses in the area, the family has yet to be recompensed with one,¬†forty-six years later.


“Don’t believe everything you see in the movies.”¬†

He was clearly a teacher, addressing a large group of students seated on the floor of the museum. The topic: dinosaurs. The reference: Jurassic Park, of course. Turns out velociraptors (the ones that chased the kids in the kitchen scene) were in fact only the size of turkeys in real life.