What’s the story behind stompies?


Have you ever walked past an interesting conversation? Perhaps delayed your step that much longer to listen in? You’re a stompie-picker. That’s what you are. In fact, we all are. We can’t resist a good stompie.

Walking down a street or through a shopping mall, we pass by a plethora of varied and often interesting conversations – ones which don’t happen via Twitter or over Facebook, but face-to-face and friend-to-friend. We overhear a word or two and it intrigues us, even when it’s none of our business…in fact, especially when it’s none of our business.

I find myself doing it all the time, and justify it by the fact that I’m a marketer – we are constantly being told to listen. Listen to the consumer. Listen to their needs and wants. Hear what they’re saying (or not saying). I am also told that brands are all about what people say and how they say it. David Ogilvy once said, “If you are trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems you should use their language.”

So…what do people say? How do they say it? I thought the best (and funnest) way to find out might be by picking up a few stompies and began this blog mid-way through 2013 as an entry into the Ogilvy Graduate Program.


Thankfully, I now work at Ogilvy full-time and have decided to keep the blog going. There will be slightly less detail per post than when I started (advertising is real yo) and continued irregularity in posting (stompies are, by nature, pretty random).

The thing about stompies is that I’m never really able to say where the conversation went or how it ended. My comment is merely on what I heard and where my thoughts went to from there. If you’ve ever read The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (which you should), the author describes it well: Our thoughts are like a butterfly between blossoms – there’s little way of knowing or controlling where they will go, they just flutter from one to the next.

This is the perpetual state of my mind and I hope that the random nature of picking up stompies will in some way allow me to express that. Whether you “get it” or not is not really my concern but I do hope you enjoy it nonetheless. I’m all about enjoyment.

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